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Dictionnaire des peintres juifs

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Halpert, Samuel
Naissance - mort : 1884-1930
Nationalité : Russian then American
Born in Bialystok, Halpert immigrated with his family to New York City in 1889. His father's preoccupation with religious devotion necessitated that Halpert sell Jewish newspapers and candy after school to help support the family. He then met Jacob Epstein who gave him his first instruction in drawing and studied at the Educational Alliance from around 1898 to 1902 when he left for France, where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Halpert painted numerous Paris scenes and views, in a style reflecting the influence of Impressionism, Cezanne and the Fauves. Halpert exhibited from 1905 through 1911 at the Salon d'Automne and returned in 1912 to New York, where he had his first one-man show at the Daniel Gallery a year later. Halpert returned to Europe in 1915 and visited France, Spain, Portugal and London. After becoming vice president and director of the Society of Independent Artists, Halpert headed the painting department at the School of the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts.
Halski, Ludwik
Naissance - mort : 1870-1928
Nationalité : Polish
Portrait painter in Lwow.
Halter, Ardyn
Naissance - mort : Active from the last third of the 20th Century
Nationalité : British then Israeli
Ardyn Halter has been producing Ketubot Jewish marriage certificates
Halter, Clara
Naissance - mort : Active from 1980
Nationalité : French
Clara Halter has been producing calligraphic works mainly. Married to Marek Halter she took part in many major exhibitions in Paris.
Halter, Marek
Naissance - mort : Active from 1970
Nationalité : German
Marek Halter, better known as a writer much involved in politics, has produced paintings and drawings, notably landscapes of Safed.
Halvani, V.
Naissance - mort : Active from the last third of the 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Hambourg, Andre
Naissance - mort : 1909-1999
Nationalité : French
Much successful in France, Andre Hambourg painted scenes in Jerusalem.
Hambourg, Jacob
Naissance - mort : Mid 18th Century
Nationalité : French
Hambourg produced an engraving showing an old Jew reading.
Hamori, Gyorgy
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Hungarian
Hamori worked as a graphic artist in Hungary.
Handel, Elemer
Naissance - mort : 1881-1911
Nationalité : Hungarian
Handel studied painting in Munich, Nagybanya and Florence before producing landscapes and illustrations.
Hanf, Robert, Bob
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Dutch
Hanft, Chaim
Naissance - mort : 1899-1951
Nationalité : Polish
Hanft, Chaim
Naissance - mort : 1899-1951
Nationalité : Polish
Hanft was arrested in 1918 in Berlin as a result of his revolutionary activities. He went to Tashkent and Moscow during the 1920s and produced biblical sculpted relief pieces. Hanft was also inspired by Jewish traditions and Persian art during his short career.
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Hannaux, Emmanuel
Naissance - mort : 1855-1934
Nationalité : French
Hannaux studied under A. Dumont, Thomas and Bonnassieux and received the second Prix de Rome in 1880. He exhibited his works at the Salon des Artistes Francais from 1878 and was awarded several prizes during his career.
Hannaux, Paul
Naissance - mort : 1899-1954
Nationalité : French
Hannaux was the son of Emmanuel Hannaux, a Jewish sculptor born in Metz, Eastern France. He visited Spain in 1924 and went to Portugal, Italy, Holland, Greece, North Africa and Brazil. He exhibited his works regularly at the Salon d'Automne and at the Salon des Tuileries. Hannaux died in Luxembourg in 1954.
Hannoun, Isidore
Naissance - mort : 1884-?
Nationalité : French
Hannoun was born in Algeria and exhibited his works at the Salon of the Colonial Society of French Artists in 1921. He mainly painted Algerian landscapes.
Hansen, Immanuel
Naissance - mort : 1859-1940
Nationalité : Palestinian Jew
This artist painted Jewish scenes during his career.
Hantkan, Daniel
Naissance - mort : 1959-
Nationalité : Belgian then Israeli
Hantkan started a career as a diamond cutter and then became an art director in the field of advertising around 1990. Living in Israel from 1995, Hantkan has been producing comic strips since then.
Har-Even, Judith
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Painter. Judith Har-Even graduated from the Saint Martin School of Art in 1952 in London and from the Art Students League in New York eight years later. She painted landscapes in the Negev desert and around Jerusalem.
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