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Dictionnaire des peintres juifs

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Palemonas, Janonis
Naissance - mort : 1962-
Nationalité : Lithuanian
Painter. He studied at the Wilno Academy during the early 1980s and exhibited paintings nearing abstraction in several countries.
Paley, Laurel
Naissance - mort : 20th-21st Century
Nationalité : American
Painter and printmaker. Her work is usually large and often autobiographical.
Palma, Jacopo called il Giovane
Naissance - mort : 1544-1628
Nationalité : Italian
Palma il Giovane painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Palma, Jacopo Jacomo de Antonio Negretto
Naissance - mort : 1480 ?-1528
Nationalité : Italian
Palma painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Palmon, Ophir
Naissance - mort : 1962-
Nationalité : Israeli
Ophir produced artistic prints of Jewish weddings and Bar Mitzvoth in the U.S. He has particularly witnessed people in their elements, creating images that capture their inner thoughts and emotions, as well as the physical state they are in.
Pan, Peeter
Naissance - mort : Active during the early 16th Century
Nationalité : Flemish
This artist died during a journey to Jerusalem in 1518.
Pandozzi, Giovanni
Naissance - mort : 1711-1790
Nationalité : Italian
Pandozzi produced several biblical scenes during his career.
Pankiewicz, Jozef
Naissance - mort : 1866-1943
Nationalité : Polish
Pankiewicz deeply influenced several Jewish painters including Kisling and Mondzain who came to Paris on his advice. He notably painted a work in 1887 showing a Jew with a basket.
Pankok, Otto
Naissance - mort : 1893-1966
Nationalité : German
Pankok studied art in Dusseldorf before befriending Julo Levin. The Nazis persecuted him and confiscated his works after taking power in Germany. Many of his paintings included explicit Jewish themes such as “The Ghetto” painted in 1939, “The Synagogue” and “The Shooting” in 1940. In 1942 he offered to hide Julo Levin but was prevented to so when his home was destroyed in a bombing raid on Dusseldorf. After the war Pankok taught art in Dusseldorf until 1958.
Pann (Pfeffermann), Abel
Naissance - mort : 1883-1963
Nationalité : Latvian
Pann's father was a rabbi who headed a yeshiva. At an early age he showed an interest in drawing and studied at an art school in 1898 in Odessa. He moved in 1903 to Paris, where he pursued his studies under William Adolphe Bouguereau. Pann's work soon gained him considerable recognition, winning him numerous medals and prizes and on one occasion his paintings were exhibited together with Renoir and Matisse. He also visited Odessa, Vienna and Palestine, where he stayed and taught at the Bezalel Academy between 1914 and 1918. He painted many Judaic scenes and notably illustrated the Bible, which was published in Jerusalem in 1924 and 1926. Pann settled permanently in 1920 in Palestine and established the first lithographic studio there. He took part in many exhibitions in Western and Central Europe during the 1920s and 1930s and produced several works relating to the Holocaust after the Second World War. This artist had a strong influence over many Israeli artists during his career.
Paon-Zaharia, Paul
Naissance - mort : 1915-
Nationalité : Rumanian then Israeli
Paon-Zaharia worked as a physician and surgeon and later joined the Rumanian surrealist movement as a graphic artist. He showed his works in several one-man exhibitions from 1945 in Bucharest, London, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Paris. Paon-Zaharia's drawings represented what he called the mystery of permanent creation. He settled in Israel in 1961.
Pap, Geza
Naissance - mort : 1883-?
Nationalité : Hungarian
Pap painted animals mainly.
Pap, Gyula
Naissance - mort : 1899-1983
Nationalité : Hungarian
Pap belonged to the Bauhaus in Weimar. He notably produced a brass seven-branched candelabrum, which is now exhibited in the Jewish Museum in New York.
Papety, Dominique Louis
Naissance - mort : 1815-1849
Nationalité : French
Papety painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Parenti, Vicenzo
Naissance - mort : 1767-1819
Nationalité : Italian
Silversmith. Parenti notably produced Judaic amulets.
Parhi, Yitzhak
Naissance - mort : Active from the 2nd half of the 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Paris, Persico Harold
Naissance - mort : 1925-1979
Nationalité : American
Sculptor and printmaker. Paris studied under Stanley Hayter at the “Studio 17” in New York in 1949 and pursued his studies in Munich. He produced plastic sculptures from 1950 and also combined plaster and rubber moulds playing with the contrast between soft and hard materials. Paris exhibited his works in many group exhibitions in New York and also in Italy and had two solo shows in Milan in 1969 and Brussels the following year.
Parlaghy Brochfeld von Vilma, princess Elisabeth von Lwow
Naissance - mort : 1864-1923
Nationalité : Hungarian
Vilma Parlaghy worked as a portrait painter and exhibited her works in Berlin after studying painting in Munich. She earned great success in Germany and was appointed as an Academy officer by the French government in 1894, the year she was awarded a gold medal by the Prussian emperor. Two years later, she was given a medal for art and science by the king of Wurtemberg. She painted the portraits of many European monarchs and personalities and worked in the U.S.
Parmentier, Jacques called James
Naissance - mort : 1658-1730
Nationalité : French
Parmentier produced some biblical scenes during his career.
Parmigiano the Younger, Michele de Palma, Michele Rocca
Naissance - mort : 1670-1751
Nationalité : Italian
Parmigiano produced some biblical scenes during his career.
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