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Dictionnaire des peintres juifs

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Galush (Galosh), Edith
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Hungarian then Israeli
Galush studied art in Cluj, Rumania, during the early 1920s and then in Vienna until 1929. After a stay in Budapest she went to live in Brasov, Rumania, where she worked for some German and Hungarian newspapers. Detained in the concentration camp of Rosenau during the Second World War, she was also interned in Cyprus between 1946 and 1948 while on her way to Palestine. Galush worked as a painter in Israel and taught art in Haifa.
Gam, Joel
Naissance - mort : 1791-?
Nationalité : Polish
Painter. Gam produced at least one Judaic portrait during his career.
Gamburd, Moses
Naissance - mort : 1903-1954
Nationalité : Rumanian
He painted several Jewish scenes during his career.
Ganbash, Moses
Naissance - mort : Active during the first half of the 19th Century
Nationalité : Turkish
Ganbash produced a shiviti map of Palestine around 1838.
Gang Ron
Naissance - mort : 1950-
Nationalité : Canadian then Israeli
Painter. Gang immigrated to Israel in 1972 and studied painting at the Kalisher School in Tel Aviv.
Ganis, Morris
Naissance - mort : 20th-21st Century
Nationalité : Greek
Ganor, Avi
Naissance - mort : Active from the last quarter of the 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Ganouna-Cohen, Gilbert
Naissance - mort : 1923-1999
Nationalité : Tunisian
Gans, Jacob Koppel
Naissance - mort : Active during the 2nd half of the 18th Century
Nationalité : German
Gans produced embroidered curtains for Torah arks in Bavaria, one being now exhibited at the Jewish Museum in New York.
Gaon, Izzika
Naissance - mort : 1938-
Nationalité : Yugoslav then Israeli
Painter and designer. Gaon moved from Sarajevo to Israel in 1948 and later graduated from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. He took part in many group exhibitions in Italy, Germany, France, Canada, the U.S and Israel. Between 1973 and 1983, he directed the Design Department at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
Gaon, Izzika
Naissance - mort : 1938-
Nationalité : Yugoslav then Israeli
Sculptor. Gaon settled in Israel in 1948 and took part in collective exhibitions in Italy, Germany, France, the U.S and Canada.
Gara, Arnold
Naissance - mort : 1882-1929
Nationalité : Hungarian
Gara worked as a graphic artist and painter in Budapest.
Garbell, Alexandre Sacha
Naissance - mort : 1903-1970
Nationalité : Lithuanian then French
Garbell settled in Paris in 1923 and took part in many exhibitions in France and abroad. He then turned to abstract painting. Several of Garbell's works were acquired by the museums of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.
Garbell, Camille
Naissance - mort : 1945-
Nationalité : French
Sculptor. Garbell took part in various Salons in Paris and also in London showing Surrealist works.
Garbuz, Yair
Naissance - mort : 1945-
Nationalité : Israeli
Born in Tel Aviv he studied painting under Raffi Lavie. He subsequently abandoned abstraction for subject matter. In his work the artist expression is deliberately simple and not decorative with the used of the written text as a conceptual element of artwork. Garbuz took part in the activities of 10+, a group of artists who joined forces in the 1960s and 1970s, united by their Tel Aviv background. They worked together on exhibitions and shared an ambivalent approach to the sacred myths of their parents as well as to questions pertaining to Israeli art, deliberating whether it should be national or international in outlook.
Gardos, Aladar
Naissance - mort : 1878-?
Nationalité : Hungarian
Sculptor. Gardos studied in Budapest, Munich and Paris and made several monuments and medals.
Garfinkiel, David
Naissance - mort : 1902-1970
Nationalité : Polish then French
Garfinkiel's father was a sculptor on wood. He studied art in Warsaw and in Cracow before settling in France in 1932. He took French nationality and frequented the Grande ChaumiŠre and Julian academies. He first worked as a Cubist artist but soon turned towards figurative painting. Garfinkiel also worked for the Harcourt photographic studio to earn a living and enlisted in the French Army at the outbreak of the Second World War. After France's defeat he went to Lyons while the Vichy police arrested many members of his family. David Garfinkiel opened a photographic studio in Paris after the war and continued to paint. He became vice-president of the Association of French Jewish Painters and Sculptors in 1970. This artist painted some scenes showing rabbis.
Garson, Susan
Naissance - mort : 20th- 21st Century
Nationalité : American
Garson has been producing ceramic Judaic ritual objects.
Garsson, Chandra
Naissance - mort : Active from the last third of the 20th Century
Nationalité : American
Painter and graphic artist. This artist has shown much concern about the Holocaust in her works.
Garti, Zvi
Naissance - mort : Active from the last two decades of the 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Garti has been producing abstract Expressionist works.
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