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Dictionnaire des peintres juifs

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Abraham R.
Naissance - mort : 19th Century
Nationalité : British
Painter. This artist worked in London between 1840 and 1860.
Abraham, Rafael
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Abrahami, Elie
Naissance - mort : 1941-
Nationalité : Israeli
Abrahami, Gabriel
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Abrahami, Ora
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Abrahami studied painting under Abba Fenichel, Yossef Kossonogi, Sioma Baram, and Stefan Alexander, and etching under Touvia Be'eri. She exhibited abstract works in Israel after 1967.
Abrahamowicz, F.
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Polish
Abrahams (Blum), Helen
Naissance - mort : 1886-?
Nationalité : American
Painter of landscapes, figures and interiors.
Abrahams, Anna Adelaide
Naissance - mort : 1849-1930
Nationalité : Dutch
Anna Abrahams worked as a still life painter.
Abrahams, Daniel
Naissance - mort : 1795-1854
Nationalité : Dutch
Daniel Abrahams notably produced a drawing representing Joseph Asher, Rabbi of The Hague around 1840.
Abrahams, Helen
Naissance - mort : Active during the early 1900s
Nationalité : American
Abrahams, Ivor
Naissance - mort : 1935-
Nationalité : British
Abrahams took part in many exhibitions in Britain, New York and Cologne. He produced paintings with collages as well as sculptures.
Abrahamson (Stadler), Neomi
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Abram, Ronny
Naissance - mort : 1938-
Nationalité : Dutch
Abram worked as a painter after studying in Enschede and in Paris.
Abrami, Rene
Naissance - mort : 1946-
Nationalité : French
Abrami has been working as an amateur painter in France.
Abramofvsky, Israel
Naissance - mort : 1888-1975
Nationalité : Ukrainian, then American
Born near Kiev, Abramofvsky worked as a painter of landscapes and city views and visited France several times between 1914 and 1925. After studying at the Academie Julian under Jean-Paul Laurens and Lucien Simon, he painted many village views in Brittany and exhibited his works at the Salons d'Automne and for the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts. After being detained in a Siberian prison camp, he moved to Toledo, Ohio, to join his two brothers in 1929.
Abramov, Mark
Naissance - mort : 1913-
Nationalité : Russian
Abramova, Evguenia
Naissance - mort : 1908-?
Nationalité : Russian
Abramovitch or Abramovic, Pinchas
Naissance - mort : 1909-1986
Nationalité : Latvian then Israeli
Born in Latvia, Abramovitch immigrated to Palestine in 1929. Prior to his immigration, he studied art in Kovno. His work of the 1930s, displays quintessentially Expressionist elements -sombre colours and tortuous forms- in the spirit of the Jewish School of Paris. During and following World War II Abramovitch stayed in Iran, and his experience of that country is reflected in the hinted Persian elements he incorporated into his art. In the 1940s, Abramovitch painted geometrically structured cityscapes tending to the abstract. He joined a group of artists banding together under the name New Horizons and embracing abstraction, first in principle and soon also in practice. In Newe Zedek, the artist conveyed his nostalgia for the “Little Tel-Aviv”of the period prior to World War Two.
Abramovitch or Abromowicz, Leo
Naissance - mort : 1889-1978
Nationalité : Austrian
Abramovitch, Albert
Naissance - mort : 1879-1963
Nationalité : Latvian
After settling in France, Abramovitch exhibited his paintings in Paris in 1911 and later in the U.S.
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