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Dictionnaire des peintres juifs

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Zabari, Moshe
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Zabari worked as a silversmith specialising in the production of religious artifacts.
Zach, Bruno
Naissance - mort : Active during the first half of the 20th Century
Nationalité : German
Zach produced Art Deco statuettes of female figures during the 1920s and 1930s.
Zack, Irene
Naissance - mort : 1918-
Nationalité : Russian
Irene Zack was the daughter of Leon Zack. She studied the art of mosaics in Ravenna and worked as a sculptor in Paris from 1956. She notably produced architectural abstract works for several churches.
Zack, Lev Leon
Naissance - mort : 1892-1980
Nationalité : Russian then French
Zack first studied literature at the University in Moscow and frequented private art schools. After hesitating between poetry and painting, he married Nadia Braudo in 1917. Zack settled in France with his family in 1920, after stays in Rome, Florence and Berlin. He had previously worked as a theatre decorator in Russia and in Berlin. Zack, who also painted biblical scenes, met Larionov and Picasso in Paris at a time when he still was a figurative painter. He then joined in 1930 the Neo-Humanist group, which included Hosiasson, Christian Berard, Eugene Berman and Pavel Tchelitchev and exhibited his works with that group a year later at the Galerie Manteau in Brussels. Zack also worked for the Ballets of Monte Carlo and illustrated many books. In 1940, he sought refuge in Arcachon and Villefranche-sur-Mer and then in Grenoble. Back in the French capital in 1945, Zack, who had turned his back to Judaism to become a staunch Catholic believer, started to produce abstract works and devoted himself to sacred art in 1955.
Zadikova-Lohsing, Hilda
Naissance - mort : 1890-1974
Nationalité : Czech
Zadikova worked as an illustrator in Prague. Detained in the ghetto of Theresienstadt in May 1942 with her a husband Arnold, who was a sculptor, she was assigned to work in the “Lautscher” studio. She survived the war and settled in Israel and then in the U.S.
Zadkine, Ossip
Naissance - mort : 1890-1967
Nationalité : Russian then French
Zadkine much admired Rodin, but found above all his inspiration in primitive arts. After tackling Cubism between 1921 and 1925, his works evolved towards some form of poetry. Born in Smolensk, after his Jewish father had converted to the Greek Orthodox religion in order to marry his mother, who was of Scottish descent, Zadkine was sent to Sunderland at 16 in order to learn good manners among people of the British society. This gave him the opportunity of frequenting an art school there before going to London. Back in Smolensk in 1907, he returned to London the following year and studied at the Arts and Crafts School while taking the opportunity of visiting the British Museum and nurturing a passion for Greek sculpture. Zadkine then went in 1909 to Paris and studied briefly at the School of Beaux-Arts, where he could not yield to academic discipline. After renting a studio in the rue Rousselet, he met Apollinaire, Archipenko, Picasso, Lipchitz, Survage and Blaise Cendrars in 1912 and veered toward Cubism two years later. After enlisting in the French Foreign Legion during the First World War, Zadkine was wounded and discharged. Zadkine then took French nationality and married in 1920 Valentine Prax, who was working as a painter. He traveled from 1920 throughout Europe and to the U.S, where he sought refuge during the Second World War. Back in Paris in 1945, he taught sculpture to many young artists at La Grande Chaumiere, the School of Beaux-Arts and in his studio rue d'Assas. Zadkine took part in many exhibitions in France and abroad from 1910 and was notably distinguished with the Sculpture Grand Prize at the Venice Biennale in 1950 and the Prize of the City of Paris in 1960. Though he admired Rodin much, he was rather influenced by African art and Cubism in his oeuvre finding his own expression after 1925 when he inverted volumes in order to play with light effects. Zadkine was rather prolific during his career and played a major role in the history of modern sculpture. From 1955 until 1967 he devoted much of his time to engraving after he had exhausted all possible themes with pieces produced in wood, stone, plaster, terracotta, marble, granite and bronze. Zadkine studio was transformed into a museum after his death. Zadkine was acknowledged as a great innovator of Cubist sculpture along with Jacques Lipchitz.
Zador, Istvan
Naissance - mort : 1882-?
Nationalité : Hungarian
Zador studied painting in Budapest, at the School of Beaux-Arts in Paris and in Florence. He then worked as a printmaker and also painted portraits and interior scenes.
Zagayski, Zwi
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Polish then German
Zago, Santo
Naissance - mort : 16th Century
Nationalité : Italian
Zago painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Zah'avi, Reuven
Naissance - mort : Active from the last quarter of the 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Born in Algeria, Zah'avi settled in Israel, where he worked as a painter.
Zahavit, J.
Naissance - mort : 1900-?
Nationalité : Polish then Israeli
Painter and graphic artist. Zahavit was born in Lodz and later settled in Israel. She took drawing lessons in Berlin and went to South America in 1954 and then to Paris three years later. She was much inspired by biblical themes.
Zajdensztadt (Zaidensztadt) Samuel
Naissance - mort : 1903-1990
Nationalité : Polish then Israeli
Born in Nowogrod (Poland, Lomza district), Samuel Zajdensztadt was the son of a “melamed” (teacher of Hebrew language and religion).   After he started to paint at a young age, he went on to leave Poland at 18 and stayed in the Soviet Union until the end of WW2.   From 1946 to 1948 he lived in Italy where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.  He then moved to Paris in 1948 before emigrating to Israel.  In January 1950 he participated in an exhibition of new immigrant painters held by the “Painters' and Sculptors' Association in Israel” and also showed his works in 1953 at the Museum of Tel Aviv.  Between 1954 and 1961 he lived in South America, notably in Argentina,  Brazil and Uruguay and took part in exhibitions held in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santa Fe and Rio de Janeiro.  Two of his works are now in the collections of national museums in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.  Back in Europe, he lived in Rome between 1963 and 1974 and then in Antwerp until 1983. He exhibited his works in Belgium, Italy, Germany and Switzerland and returned in 1983 to Israel where he spent his last years. Mainly inspired by Jewish life throughout the 20th century, his paintings depicted subjects ranging from  religious and rural life in the Polish shtetl  where he was born, to the Ghetto uprising in Warsaw and the new Jewish State in Israel.

Zak, Eugene
Naissance - mort : 1884-1926
Nationalité : Polish
Zak settled in Warsaw in 1892 with his family after the death of his father. He came to Paris at 16 and studied in Rome, Florence and Munich. Much influenced by Poussin and Florentine masters, he exhibited his works for the first time at the Salon d'Automne in 1904 and traveled to Southern France in 1914. Zak then went back to Poland in 1916 and to Germany in 1921. A painter of portraits and figures, of musicians, circus performers and dancers, Zak returned to Paris in 1922 but died suddenly there in 1926. Yadwiga Kohn, his wife since 1913, perpetuated his memory by organizing several exhibitions of his works. She and her son were arrested during World War Two and both were murdered in a Nazi extermination camp.
Zakai, Uzi
Naissance - mort : 1941-
Nationalité : Israeli
Painter. Zakai studied at the Bezalel Academy between 1961 and 1963 before heading the Artists' House in Jerusalem from 1971 until 1973. He had several one-man and group shows in Israel from 1964.
Zakai, Uzi
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : Israeli
Zalayet, Nessim
Naissance - mort : 1923-
Nationalité : Iraqi then Israeli
Zalayet studied painting at the Academy in Baghdad in 1947 and immigrated to Israel in 1950. He pursued his studies at the Avni Institute and worked as an abstract painter.
Naissance - mort : 19th Century
Nationalité : Polish
Zalmen produced relief works in the synagogue of Cracow.
Zamboura, Marilena
Naissance - mort : 1957-
Nationalité : Greek
Marilena Zamboura studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts between 1972 and 1977 and then worked as an abstract painter. She exhibited her works blended violently from 1981 in Athens, Rhodes, Kiel, Groningen, Hull, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul and Berlin. She took part in an exhibition held by the Jewish Museum of Greece in 2001.
Zamoyski, August
Naissance - mort : 1893-1970
Nationalité : Polish
Sculptor. Zamoyski produced a bust of the painter Marcoussis.
Zanchi, Antonio
Naissance - mort : 1631-1722
Nationalité : Italian
Zanchi painted some biblical scenes during his career.
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