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"Si on approchait des vrais tableaux un miroir, celui-ci devrait se couvrir de buée car les vrais tableaux respirent" (Picasso)

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Dictionnaire des peintres juifs

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Fabianski, Stanislaw P.
Naissance - mort : 1865-?
Nationalité : Polish
Fabianski painted some works depicting Jewish scenes in Poland.
Fabre, Francois Xavier
Naissance - mort : 1766-1837
Nationalité : French
Fabre painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : French
Fabrikant worked as a painter in Paris from the mid 1940s. She competed for the Rome Prize in 1945.
Fabritius, Bernaert
Naissance - mort : Active between 1624 and 1673
Nationalité : Flemish
Fabritius painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Fabritius, Carel
Naissance - mort : 1622-1654
Nationalité : Dutch
Carel Fabritius painted biblical scenes during his career.
Fagebaume, Michel
Naissance - mort : 1939-
Nationalité : French
Painter. Inspired by many masters, Fagebaume has participated in several exhibitions in Paris.
Fagin, Amy
Naissance - mort : Active from the last two decades of the 20th Century
Nationalité : American
She has been producing Ketubot mainly.
Faibissovitchm, Semion Nathanovitch
Naissance - mort : 1947 or 1949-
Nationalité : Russian
Faibissovitchm produced works from photos.
Faigenbaum, Patrick
Naissance - mort : 1954-
Nationalité : French
Faigenbaum has been working as an art photographer.
Fairman, James
Naissance - mort : 1826-1904
Nationalité : American
Fairman was one of the major American painters who went to work in the Holy Land. He painted several scenes in Jerusalem during the second half of the 19th Century.
Fajans, Maksymilian
Naissance - mort : 1827-1890
Nationalité : Polish
Painter, print-maker and photographer. Fajans studied painting in Warsaw and then in Paris under Ary Scheffer. He became a famous lithographer and set up a printmaking studio in Warsaw. Fajans then painted portraits, notably of several wealthy Jews, landscapes and scenes. Fajans also worked as a photographer.
Fajnzgang, Dominique
Naissance - mort : 20th Century
Nationalité : French
Falat, Julian
Naissance - mort : 1853-1929
Nationalité : Polish
Falat painted some Judaic portraits and scenes during his career.
Falcone, Aniello
Naissance - mort : 1607-1656
Nationalité : Italian
Falcone painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Falk, Gathie
Naissance - mort : 1928-
Nationalité : Canadian
Multimedia artist and sculptor.
Falk, Nora
Naissance - mort : 19th-20th Century
Nationalité : Russian
Nora Falk exhibited her paintings at the Salon d'Automne in Paris in 1920.
Falk, Robert Rafailovich
Naissance - mort : 1886-1958
Nationalité : Russian
Falk studied painting with Korovine in Moscow and first worked under the influence of Cezanne and French Impressionist painters. He befriended Larionov, Natalia Gontcharova and Malevich in the “Knave of Diamonds” group but did not turn to abstract painting. After the Bolshevik Revolution he taught painting in Moscow and also in Vitebsk in 1921. Working later as an expressionist artist, he exhibited his works in the Soviet Union and also in Berlin in 1922 and Paris in 1930 and 1931. He produced stage and costume designs for several plays in Moscow, where he had a solo exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery and met Altman and Soutine during a trip to Paris in 1928, the year he showed his works at the Salon d'Automne and at the Venice Biennale. After the Second World War, Falk was rather ostracized by Soviet authorities for keeping aloof of Social Realism.
Falk, Sam
Naissance - mort : 1903-1970
Nationalité : American
Falk-Stein, Sonia
Naissance - mort : 1904-?
Nationalité : Russian
Falkenstein, Claire
Naissance - mort : 1909-?
Nationalité : American
Falkenstein started a career as a sculptor in 1942 before settling in Paris in 1950. She showed her abstract works in many exhibitions in the U.S, London, Berlin, Rome, Milan and Paris.
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