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Around Jewish Art

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35 entries
Artists of Jewish Extraction Who Did Not Paint Judaic Scenes
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Nevelson, Louise (Leah Berliawsky)
Birth - Death : 1899-1988
Nationality : Ukrainian then American
Nevelson moved with her family from the Ukraine to America when she was six. After her marriage in 1920, she first studied drama and dance and then attended the Art Students League in 1924. She went on to study with the painters Theresa Bernstein and William Meyerowitz and later with Hans Hoffmann in Munich around 1931 and traveled throughout Europe. Back in New York the following year, Nevelson studied again under Hoffmann who had just left Germany and worked as Diego Rivera's assistant on his mural series for the New Workers School in New York in 1933. She continued to paint through the thirties in an Expressionist style before turning seriously to sculpture in 1934, studying with Chaim Gross at the Educational Alliance Art School. See Sculpture section
Newman, Arnold
Birth - Death : 1918-
Nationality : American
This famous photographer and painter produced the portraits of many celebrities and artists in the U.S and abroad.
Newman, Barnett
Birth - Death : 1905-1970
Nationality : American
Newman studied from 1922 to 1926 with Duncan Smith, John Sloan and William von Schlegel at the Art Students League in New York. He then taught drawing and painting in several art schools. He also organized several exhibitions of pre-Colombian art and gave up painting between 1939 and 1944. Co-founder of The Club\" with Baziotes, Motherwell and Rothko around 1948, Newman exhibited in the U.S and in Europe and had ten solo-shows during his career. Ignored by the public during many years, he first included calligraphy in his works and then thought that it was necessary to empty space in his works instead of filling it. From 1948, Newman developed his own style in painting large monochrome works with a zip band that were imbued with much symbolism. He once suggested that his Judaic roots had played an essential role in his approach to art. After becoming a major figure in American modern art, he was recognized as the link between abstract expressionism and the color-field and minimalist painters. However, Newman only met fame after a retrospective show in 1958. "
Newton, Helmut
Birth - Death : 1920-2004
Nationality : German
Newton was known worldwide as an art and fashion photographer. He took the portraits of many celebrities and produced photographs described as highly erotic. He died at the wheel of his car, probably stricken by a heart attack, on Sunset Bld in Los Angeles.
Nikritin, Salomon
Birth - Death : 1898-1965
Nationality : Russian
Nikritin studied at the Kiev Art Institute from 1904 until 1914. From 1917, he studied in the studio of Alexandra Exter in Kiev before he fled that city in 1920 during a period of pogroms. Together with Kliment Redko, he reached Odessa and met Shterenberg who took an interest in his work. Nikritin then studied at Vkhutemas in Moscow until 1922 and exhibited photographs, sketches, relief pieces and constructions labeled Tectonic Research\" before becoming the organizer and chief theorist of the Projectionists. Nikritin then worked at the Museum of Painterly Culture from 1922 until 1929 and produced paintings in an Expressionist style. In 1935, he faced condemnation by the art review board of MOSSKH and was viciously attacked for a painting he submitted which was branded fascistic, individualistic and pornographic. As a result Nikritin did not manage to pursue his career. "
Nimoy, Leonard
Birth - Death : 20th-21st Century
Nationality : American
Photographer. Better known as a movie actor, Leonard Nimoy played the character of Dr Spok in the famous Star Trek\" science fiction film and T.V series. "
Nirnstein, Zygmunt
Birth - Death : 1894-1969
Nationality : Polish
Nirnstein worked as a graphic artist during his career.
Niss-Goldberg, Nina
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Russian
Nissim Sara
Birth - Death : 1941-
Nationality : Iraqi then Israeli
Nissim studied painting at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv and participated in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad showing abstract works mainly.
Novozhenetz, Lea
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Latvian
Nowogroder, Ya'akov
Birth - Death : 1936-
Nationality : Polish then Israeli
Nowogroder immigrated to Israel in 1957 and developed a unique style of painting representing old houses and huts in ruins as well as giant cracked jugs. He has taken part in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
Nudel, Sigal
Birth - Death : 1970-
Nationality : Israeli
Painter. Nudel graduated from Beit Beri College School of art and participated in a group exhibition at the Limbus Gallery in 1997.
Nunes-Carvalho, Salomon
Birth - Death : 1815-1897
Nationality : American
Nussbaum, F.
Birth - Death : Active during the first third of the 20th Century
Nationality : ?
Painter. This unknown artist painted still life works
Nussenbaum, Szloma
Birth - Death : 1906-1946
Nationality : Polish
Nussembaum studied painting in Warsaw from 1932 and exhibited his post-Impressionist landscapes and still lives for the first time in 1935.
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