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Around Jewish Art

Group :
27 entries
Artists of Jewish Extraction Who Did Not Paint Judaic Scenes
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Zador, Istvan
Birth - Death : 1882-?
Nationality : Hungarian
Zador studied painting in Budapest, at the School of Beaux-Arts in Paris and in Florence. He then worked as a printmaker and also painted portraits and interior scenes.
Zak, Eugene
Birth - Death : 1884-1926
Nationality : Polish
Zak settled in Warsaw in 1892 with his family after the death of his father. He came to Paris at 16 and studied in Rome, Florence and Munich. Much influenced by Poussin and Florentine masters, he exhibited his works for the first time at the Salon d'Automne in 1904 and traveled to Southern France in 1914. Zak then went back to Poland in 1916 and to Germany in 1921. A painter of portraits and figures, of musicians, circus performers and dancers, Zak returned to Paris in 1922 but died suddenly there in 1926. Yadwiga Kohn, his wife since 1913, perpetuated his memory by organizing several exhibitions of his works. She and her son were arrested during World War Two and both were murdered in a Nazi extermination camp.
Zakai, Uzi
Birth - Death : 1941-
Nationality : Israeli
Painter. Zakai studied at the Bezalel Academy between 1961 and 1963 before heading the Artists' House in Jerusalem from 1971 until 1973. He had several one-man and group shows in Israel from 1964.
Zalayet, Nessim
Birth - Death : 1923-
Nationality : Iraqi then Israeli
Zalayet studied painting at the Academy in Baghdad in 1947 and immigrated to Israel in 1950. He pursued his studies at the Avni Institute and worked as an abstract painter.
Zarfin, Faibich-Schraga Zarfin Sam called Zarfin
Birth - Death : 1900-1975
Nationality : Byelorussian then French
Zarfin was raised in Smilovitchi, near Minsk, and studied painting in 1913 at the Academy in Wilno. He however left the following year for Palestine, where he worked in a kibbutz and studied at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. He then fought with the British Army in 1918 and took part in an exhibition held in Jerusalem in 1920. Zarfin went in 1923 to Berlin and exhibited with Secessionist artists before settling in 1924 in Paris, where he worked as a painter on textiles and acquired French nationality in 1929. During the war the Nazis ransacked his studio, while he sought refuge in Lyons and then in Grenoble with his family. In touch with the French Resistance movement, Zarfin then had to move to a hiding place in the mountains before settling in Grenoble after the liberation of France.
Zarnower, Teresa
Birth - Death : 1895-1950
Nationality : Polish
Zarnower produced illustrations and sculptures and worked for various avant-garde magazines in Poland, before settling in the U.S in 1937. She exhibited Constructivist works at the Der Sturm gallery in 1923 in Berlin.
Zavadskiene, Elena
Birth - Death : 1943-
Nationality : Ukrainian
After graduating from the Art and Theatre Institute in Odessa she produced paintings under the influence of French Impressionism while working as a makeup artist for the Soviet film industry. It was during a stay in Lithuania that she decided to devote herself completely to painting. She had 15 solo exhibitions in Lithuania and one in Holland, besides taking part in several group shows abroad.
Zeitlin, Leon
Birth - Death : 19th-20th Century
Nationality : Russian?
Zeitlin, Naum
Birth - Death : 1909-
Nationality : Russian?
Zeitoun, Jacques
Birth - Death : 1916-?
Nationality : French
Zeitoun studied art in Tunis and in Paris. He worked as an art critic and theatre decorator.
Zel'dovich, Jacov Borisovich
Birth - Death : 1914-1987
Nationality : Russian
Zel'dovich was a physicist who worked in the secret nuclear weapons research centre known as “Arzamas-16” in Niznij Novgorod. Having left his family in Moscow, he fell in love with a beautiful actress of the Arzamas theatre and painted some oil works during his leisure time.
Zelbovich, A.
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Latvian
Painter. Active before World War II.
Zelechower-Aleksiun, Miva
Birth - Death : 1941-
Nationality : Polish
Zeligson, Adolf
Birth - Death : 1867-1919
Nationality : Polish
Zaeligson worked as an architect and designed the Poznanski Palace and the Lodz cemetery.
Zelma, Georgy Anatolevich
Birth - Death : 1906-1984
Nationality : Uzbek
Zelma joined the Russfoto agency in the 1920s and covered news stories, political demonstrations and factory openings. He represented the agency in Uzbekistan from 1924 to 1927 and became notorious as an ethnographic reporter. In 1937, Zelma was represented in the First All-Union Exhibition of Photographic Art in Moscow and in the 1939 International Photographic Exhibition in Preston, England. Between 1940 and 1944, he worked as a war correspondent for Izvestiya and his coverage of the winter campaign of 1942-43 around Stalingrad produced some of the most memorable images of the war.
Zelman, Pinchas
Birth - Death : 1907-1936
Nationality : Polish
Painter. Zelman exhibited his works with the ZTKSP group in Warsaw.
Zernitzky, Georg
Birth - Death : 1938-
Nationality : Latvian
Born in Saransk, Zernitzky worked as a painter in Riga after graduating from the Latvian State Academy of Art. He took part in several exhibitions from 1982 and had solo shows in Riga in 1993 and 1994.
Zevin, Evgeny
Birth - Death : 1947-
Nationality : Russian
Painter. Zevin exhibited with the non-conformist artists in Moscow in 1974-1975. He had a one-man exhibition in Moscow in 1977, also in Helsinki, New York, Tel Aviv and Athens. He has been represented in many galleries and private collections in Europe, the U.S, Latin America and Israel.
Ziffer, Sandor
Birth - Death : 1880-1962
Nationality : Hungarian
Ziffer studied decorative arts in Budapest and then at the Academy in Munich. He worked in Nagybanya from 1906 and came several times to Paris. A member of the “MIENK” and “Le Notre” groups, he settled in 1918 in Nagybanya. Impressionist, Cubist and Expressionist painters influenced him much during his career.
Zilzer, Antal
Birth - Death : 1860-1921
Nationality : Hungarian
Antal Zilzer produced portraits and landscapes after studying in Munich.
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