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Around Jewish Art

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21 entries
Artists of Jewish Extraction Who Did Not Paint Judaic Scenes
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Vadasz Miklos, Nikolaus
Birth - Death : 1884-1927
Nationality : Hungarian
Miklos Vadasz worked as a painter, printmaker, illustrator and sketcher. He produced many portraits and collaborated with several French and English periodicals.
Vago Sandor, Alexander
Birth - Death : 1887-?
Nationality : Hungarian
This painter of portraits and still lives settled in Cleveland, U.S.A, some years after studying in Vienna and in Munich.
Vaisman, Meyer
Birth - Death : 1960-
Nationality : Venezuelan
Painter. Born in Caracas, into a Jewish family originating from Eastern Europe that settled in Israel in 1945, he started his studies to become an engineer in Miami but eventually decided to attend the Parsons School of Design in New York in 1980. He opened a gallery there in 1984 and showed his works in many exhibitions, at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York, the Serpentine Gallery in London and Galerie Templon in Paris. Vaisman has been producing some quite amusing works mixing many cultures.
Vajda Zsigmond, Sigmund
Birth - Death : 1859-1931
Nationality : Hungarian
Sigmund Vajda produced genre paintings and frescoes after studying painting in Budapest and participated in decoration works in the Hungarian parliament and several churcHes.
Vajda, Julia
Birth - Death : 1913-
Nationality : Hungarian
Julia Vajda, married to Lajos Vajda, worked as a Surrealist painter and belonged to the Szentendre Hungarian group.
Valenzi, Maurizio
Birth - Death : 1909-
Nationality : Tunisian
Valenzi studied painting in Tunis and first worked under the influence of Cubism and Surrealism. He then exhibited his works in Tunis, Paris and Rome where he befriended Carlo Levi. Valenzi went in 1937 to Paris, where he completed his studies and met Tristan Tzara, Paul Eluard and Aragon. He was arrested in 1941 in Tunisia because of his anti-Fascist activities and tortured by members of the Vichy Police before being sentenced to life imprisonment. Valenzi however managed to flee to Italy in 1944 and played a leading political role as a member of the Italian Communist Party. He then became a member of the Italian Senate in 1952, as well as Mayor of Naples in 1975 before being elected to the European Parliament in 1984.
Van Den Berg, Shlom
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Van Dyke, Aaron
Birth - Death : 1830-1892
Nationality : British
Vardhi, Jehuda
Birth - Death : 20th Century?
Nationality : Hungarian
Varsanyi, Pal
Birth - Death : 20th Century?
Nationality : Hungarian
Veit, Johannes called Jonas
Birth - Death : 1790-1854
Nationality : German
Born into a Jewish family, Jonas Veit studied painting in Dresden and Vienna and worked in Rome in 1811. He went in 1819 to Dresden before returning to Rome, where he worked until his death as a painter of portraits as well as of historical and religious scenes.
Veit, Philipp
Birth - Death : 1793-1877
Nationality : German
His mother was the daughter of Mendelssohn, a famous philosopher. Phillip Veit studied painting in Dresden and in Vienna and then enrolled in the Prussian army fighting Napoleonic troops in 1813. Veit, who decorated many churches in Germany, went to work in Rome in 1815 and stayed there until 1830. He then headed the Staedel Institute in Frankfurt and lived in Sachsenhausen in 1843. Appointed as a member of the Munich Academy in 1845, he settled in Mainz in 1853.
Versano, Pnina
Birth - Death : Active from the last decade of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Vertes, Marcel
Birth - Death : 1895-1961
Nationality : Hungarian then French
Vertes studied under Karoly Ferenczy in Hungary and came in 1925 to France, where he worked as a genre painter and illustrator. He illustrated numerous books.
Verveer, Elchanan
Birth - Death : 1826-1900
Nationality : Dutch
After studying with his brother Salomon, Verveer worked as a genre painter, caricaturist and printmaker in The Hague.
Vesely, Ales
Birth - Death : Active during the second half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Czech
Vilenski, Shoshana
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Russian then Israeli
Shoshana Vilenski settled with her parents in Haifa at the age of 10. After playing an active role with the Hagana during the War of Independence, she worked as an abstract painter in Israel.
Vitale, Giacobbe di
Birth - Death : Active during the early 16th Century
Nationality : Italian
Di Vitale belonged to the Guild of painters of Perugia around 1505-1510. He however was a minor painter who chiefly decorated banners.
Volovick, Lazare
Birth - Death : 1902-1977
Nationality : Ukrainian then French
Volovick studied art in Kiev and came to France in 1921 after a stay in Turkey. He frequented the Academie of la Grande Chaumiere, where he earned his living posing as a model for sculptors and then befriended Chaim Soutine with whom he exhibited his works in 1924. Volovick visited southern France and Spain, where he met Lya Grjebina, a ballerina whom he married. During the war, he managed to hide in the home of his mother-in-law in Boulogne-Billancourt while the Nazis destroyed most of his works in his Montparnasse studio. In the 1950s, Volovick discovered Venice and painted many works there with a new formulation in tones.
Voros, Geza
Birth - Death : 1897-?
Nationality : Hungarian
Voros worked as a painter and printmaker after studying in Budapest and in Paris.
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