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Around Jewish Art

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35 entries
Artists of Jewish Extraction Who Did Not Paint Judaic Scenes
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Naccache, Edgard
Birth - Death : 1917-
Nationality : Tunisian
Naccache started painting in 1931 and took part in several exhibitions from 1938. Co-founder of the School of Tunis he settled in France in 1962. Working as a figurative painter until the early 1950s, he evolved towards abstraction but veered back to figuration after the emergence of Pop Art. He offered a work for an auction sale held on November 28th 2002 in Paris in favor of the Appel Unifie Juif de France organization.
Nacht, Samborski Artur Stefan
Birth - Death : 1898-1974
Nationality : Polish
Nacht, called Samborski, frequented the Academy in Cracow between 1918 and 1921. He then studied in Berlin until 1923 and worked in Paris from 1924 to 1939. He belonged to the Comite de Paris\" group with which he exhibited in the French capital, Geneva and Poland. Nacht had a one-man show in Paris in 1930 as well as in Argentina in 1960. He taught at the Superior School of Plastic Arts in Sopot in 1946 and later at the Academy in Warsaw. Influenced by the post-Cubist movement active in Paris during the 1930s, he showed his works at the Venice Biennial in 1958. "
Nahon Estelle
Birth - Death : 1914-
Nationality : French
Born in Algeria, Estelle Nahon studied art in Oran and worked as a painter in France.
Nahon, Daniel
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : French
Nahon, Serge
Birth - Death : 1948-
Nationality : French
Serge Nahon studied at the School of Beaux-Arts in Paris and later produced abstract and figurative paintings.
Nahon, Suzy Claire
Birth - Death : Active during the second half of the 20th Century
Nationality : French
Suzy Nahon took part in several group exhibitions in France from 1960 and had solo shows in Oran in 1960 and in Paris in 1963.
Naipelbaum, Moisei
Birth - Death : 1869-1958
Nationality : Byelorussian
See: Nappelbaum
Nakache, Armand
Birth - Death : 1894-1976
Nationality : French
Born in Algeria, Nakache settled in Paris. He interrupted his artistic studies in 1914 and fought with the French Army at the outbreak of World War One during which he was seriously wounded several times in combat. After the war, Nakache exhibited his works in many Salons in France and abroad. He was one of the few French artists who worked as an Expressionist painter. One of his paintings is on permanent display at the Haifa Museum.
Nappelbaum, Moisei Solomonovich
Birth - Death : 1869-1958
Nationality : Byelorussian
Nappelbaum made his way from poverty in Minsk to professional success as a photographer in St. Petersburg. Around 1884, he entered the Boretti Photograph Studio in Minsk and moved secretly in 1889 to Moscow, where Jews needed a residential permit. Nappelbaum then stayed in the U.S during five years before setting up a portrait studio in 1895 in St. Petersburg. In 1918, he was summoned by Lenin to take his portrait and received many commissions to photograph other members of the new Soviet government. Nappelbaum then set up the State Photographic Studio and during the 1920s and 1930s. He photographed all the leading Soviet personalities, writers, artists and scholars.
Naviasky, Philip
Birth - Death : 1894-1983
Nationality : British
Born in Leeds, Yorkshire, Naviasky produced oils, watercolors and pastels during his career. He both studied and taught at the Leeds College of Art and exhibited his works, figures and portraits, at the Royal Academy.
Naviasky, Sonia
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : British
Naviasky studied painting with her father Philip in Leeds and produced landscapes and still lives during Her career.
Birth - Death : 19th Century
Nationality : Polish
Neinholz worked as a printmaker in Warsaw.
Neishlos, Arkady
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Latvian
Painter. Active before World War II.
Neizvestny, Ernest Iosifovich
Birth - Death : 1925-
Nationality : Russian
Neizvestny studied painting in Riga and in Moscow. He exhibited his works in Tel Aviv and in New York, where he settled. See Sculpture section
Nemes, Endre
Birth - Death : 1909-1985
Nationality : Czech
Nemes studied with Willi Novak at the Academy in Prague and worked as a caricaturist for several periodicals. He then befriended Emil Filla who influenced him much and traveled throughout Europe. In 1939, he taught at the School of Independent Painters in Helsinki and settled a year later in Sweden. Nemes headed the Valand School of Fine Arts in Goteborg from 1947 to 1955 and produced murals there before settling in Stockholm, where he also worked as a theatre decorator. During his first period, Nemes was like Emil Filla influenced by Braque and Picasso before evolving towards Surrealism and abstraction. He exhibited his works in Sweden, Holland, Germany and Switzerland and had much influence over many Swedish Contemporary painters.
Neroni, S.
Birth - Death : Active during the second half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Neuburger, Eliazer Elie
Birth - Death : 19th Century?
Nationality : Dutch
Neuman, Jecheskiel Mojzesz
Birth - Death : Active during the 1930s
Nationality : Polish
Painter. Neman belonged to the “Jung Idysz” group in Poland.
Neuschul, Norland Ernest
Birth - Death : 1895-1968
Nationality : Czech
Neuschul was born in Aussig, Czechoslovakia, and studied painting in Prague, Vienna and Cracow between 1913 and 1917. He settled in Berlin in 1918 and joined the Novembergruppe movement a year later. He taught painting in Berlin in 1932 but was demoted by the Nazi regime the following year. While the Nazis destroyed 15 of his works during an exhibition he sought refuge in Aussig in 1934. He then went to Russia and taught art in Charkov until 1936, but had to flee to Aussig again to escape a Stalinist repression against many foreign Communists who had settled in the Soviet Union. Neuschul went to Prague in 1938 and the following year to London, where he adopted the name of Norland in 1946.
Nevan, Eugen
Birth - Death : 1914-1967
Nationality : Slovak
Nevan, who visited Paris in 1937, studied painting in Prague under V. Nowak between 1936 and 1939. He taught in Prague from 1948 to 1950 and then in Bratislava until 1953. He took part in several group exhibitions in Europe from 1945. Nevan first worked under the influence of German Expressionist painters and then veered towards post-Cubism after the Second World War.
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