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Around Jewish Art

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76 entries
Artists of Jewish Extraction Who Did Not Paint Judaic Scenes
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Magyar, Mannheimer Gusztav
Birth - Death : 1859-1937
Nationality : Hungarian
This painter of genre scenes, landscapes and frescoes exhibited his works in Munich in 1892, Vienna in 1894 and Paris in 1900.
Mahler, Yuval
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Majzels, J.
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Polish
Man, Ray Emmanuel Radnitsky or Radenski called Man Ray
Birth - Death : 1890-1976
Nationality : American
Man Ray was an important figure of the Surrealist Movement as well as a major photographer. He started to paint at five and then worked in an advertising agency at 18, before deciding to become a photographer after visiting the 1913 Armory Show in New York. He had Alfred Stieglitz as teacher and joined the Dada Surrealist movement in 1916. Man Ray went on to exhibit works inspired by Marcel Duchamp and worked for several avant-garde magazines, the “New York Dada” in 1920. He then followed Duchamp in Paris, where he chose to work as a photographer and continued to take part in several Surrealist exhibitions. Man Ray, who had a long and tumultuous love affair with Kiki de Montparnasse, a famous model who was posing for many painters, became a major figure of the Surrealist movement in Paris though much of his activity was devoted to photography. He returned to the U.S at the outbreak of the Second World War and came back to France in 1951 with Juliet Browner, his new wife, but gave up his activity as a photographer to produce sculptures and paintings instead. Man Ray was honored with several retrospective exhibitions in Paris and in Holland and was celebrated as one of the greatest Surrealist artists of the 20th Century though he remained better known as a photographer.
Mandel, Hugo-Mauriciu
Birth - Death : 1899-1971
Nationality : Rumanian
Mandel produced portraits mainly.
Mandelman, Bea
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : American
Painter. Madelman married Louis Ribak in 1932.
Mann, Ilan
Birth - Death : 1941-1972
Nationality : Israeli
Mann studied painting in Tel Aviv, where he exhibited his works in 1967 and 1969 before settling in France in 1970. He continued to exhibit his paintings in Tel Aviv in 1971 and 1972 and showed them as well at the Salon de Mai in Paris but died prematurely.
Manzana-Pissarro, Georges
Birth - Death : 1871-1961
Nationality : French
Son of Camille Pissarro, he first studied painting with his father and exhibited his works regularly at the Salon des Independants in Paris. Working as a painter of figures and landscapes, he also produced watercolors heightened with gold depicting birds and fish in an Art Nouveau style. Manzana-Pissarro also worked as a designer. Manzana-Pissaro had a posthumous retrospective exhibition at the Musee des Andelys in 1972.
Mar, Henryk
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Polish
Maran, S.G
Birth - Death : 1886-?
Nationality : Czech
Graphic artist.
Maranova, Jarmila
Birth - Death : Active during the second half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Czech
Marceau, Marcel
Birth - Death : 1923-
Nationality : French
Marceau produced lithographs and drawings as an amateur artist. Marcel Marceau reached international fame as a mime.
Marcoussis, Louis Ludwig Ladislas Markus called Marcoussis
Birth - Death : 1883-1941
Nationality : Polish
Markus studied painting in Cracow in 1901 under Jan Stanislawski and went to Paris in 1903. He frequented the Academie Julian and the studio of Jules Lefebvre, where he met Roger de La Fresnaye. No longer enjoying his father's support, he sold drawings to the La Vie Parisienne\" and \"L'Assiette au Beurre\" periodicals to earn a living. Marcoussis then visited Spain and in 1910 met Guillaume Apollinaire who advised him to adopt the name of Marcoussis. First influenced by the Impressionists, he developed his true style as a Cubist painter after meeting Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. He also befriended Juan Gris, Albert Gleizes, Max Jacob and Francis Picabia and married Alice Halicka in 1913. Marcoussis enlisted in the French Army at the outbreak of the First World War, which he ended with the rank of lieutenant. He traveled to Poland in 1919, 1921 and 1923 and visited Brittany in 1927, the year he changed his style in an attempt to tackle Surrealism. Between 1931 and 1937, he devoted much of his time to engraving besides traveling to the U.S and Italy. After the invasion of France in 1940, he sought refuge with his wife and daughter in Cusset but fell ill and died on October 22nd 1941. Marcoussis was considered as one of the best Cubist painters of his generation. "
Marees, Hans von
Birth - Death : 1837-1887
Nationality : German
Marees' mother was of Jewish extraction. He studied art in Berlin in 1854 and settled in Munich in 1857. Influenced by Roman and Greek art, he then worked in Rome from 1864 and produced monumental works. Marees influenced many modern painters such as Franz Marc and Paul Klee.
Margolies, Samuel
Birth - Death : 1897-1974
Nationality : American
Margolies produced etchings mainly.
Margoushilski, Arie
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Margoushilski worked as an art teacher in Israel.
Margulies, Joseph
Birth - Death : 1896-1984
Nationality : Austrian then American
Margulies studied painting at the National Academy of Design, the Cooper Union and the Art Students' League in New York and continued his studies in Paris, Vienna and Rome. Back in New York, he worked as a portrait, city views and landscape painter. He also produced many etchings.
Markiel, Jan Jacob Jakub
Birth - Death : 1911-1963
Nationality : Polish
Markiel started to work at a young age in Lodz though his father opposed his wish to become an artist. His mother however made him attend an art school. He then studied painting in Cracow and arrived in 1933 in Paris, where he met Naum Aronson. A few years later, he was awarded a third prize at the School of Beaux-Arts while studying under Souverbie. Markiel enlisted in the French Army at the outbreak of the Second World War and was arrested in 1940. He then spent three years as a detainee in the prison of Montluc and in Compiegne. Freed for health reasons in 1943, he decided to go to Africa but was arrested by the Gestapo in Paris. Detained in Drancy, he was then deported on June 23rd 1943 to Auschwitz. Markiel took part in the “death walk” to Gross Rosen when the Nazis evacuated thousands of detainees from that camp. He managed to survive and returned to France, where he learned that the Nazis had exterminated his whole family. Despite his deep grief Markiel continued to paint thanks to the active support of his wife.
Markov-Grinberg, Mark
Birth - Death : 1907-?
Nationality : Russian
Markus Imre
Birth - Death : 1872- ?
Nationality : Hungarian
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